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Transparency framework

Economic information

Fundación Miguel Delibes / Transparency framework

Transparency framework

  1. Institutional and organization information.

The Foundation Miguel Delibes has as its main aims to compile and guard the cultural legacy of the writer, study and spread the name and the work of Miguel Delibes ans support studies about the themes and topics that were permanent in his biography and his literary works.

Throughout its website,, people can freely access all the information generated by the institution as well as having access to the activities developed by the Foundation.

To this spreading, we can add now contents related with the transparency of activities of the institution to be openly accessible to all the people who want to consult it. We also include information related to the active advertisement registered in the 3/2015 legislation of March 4th, related to the transparency and local participation of people form Castilla y León.

General Information

Owner: Fundación Miguel Delibes

Address: Casa Revilla. C/ Torrecilla, 5. 47003. Valladolid



Telephone numbers: 983.263.160

Miguel Delibes Foundation is inscribed in the Register of Foundations of Catilla y León under the number CL-47-00840.

  1. 2) Budget and Economic information

Hereby it is included for anyone who wnt to consult it all the budget information, the annual accountings and grants with the estimated outlays and incomes generated by the several activities that the Foundation develops.

Annual Accounting
Annual accounting 2017
Audit report 2017
Annual accounting 2016
Audit report 2016
Annual accounting 2015
Audit report 2015
Annual accounting 2014
Audit report 2014
Annual accounting 2013

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