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Introduction to Miguel Delibes Archive

Functioning of the Miguel Delibes Archive

Fundación Miguel Delibes / Introduction to Miguel Delibes Archive

Presentation of Miguel Delibes Archive

Miguel Delibes Foundation, throughout the creation of the Miguel Delibes Archive, wants to make easier the acces to the generated documentso compiled by the writer all long his his life, including, obviously, those that correspond to his professional career.

In this way, the Foundation intends, apart from preserving the funds donated by the children of the author, also put them to the public use to encourage the studies and investigation of his name and work.

After an identification process, Organization and Description, we proceeded to the digitalization of the totality of Miguel Delibes Archive, as well as a vinculation of the images with their correspondant description using ICA-TOM, a simple and intuitive program according to the standards of the International Council of Archives. All this activity has been possible thanks to the financial support of TEMPOS VEGA SICILIA.

To be able to get to know the organization and structure of the archive it is available in the Classification Chart.

Among the documents that can be consulted, we find, identity cards and driving license, family registers, letters, telegrams, post cards, original handscripts, typed corrected copies, documents for the preparation of lessons, photographs, maps, drafts, audio and video recordings, etc.

We kindly invite you to get to know the life and work of the writer from Valladolid troughout the documents that form the documental fund of Miguel Delibes.


The images that are available for the users are subject to copyrights and are exclusively for private use with the purpose of study and investigation, according with the regulations in the Real Decreto Legislativo 1/1996 of 2nd of April, in which it was passed the text observed in the Intellectual Property Law. The user will use the images under his/her own responsibility.

In the following videos it is shown how to acces, search and surf through the documental fund of Miguel Delibes.

  • How to acces Miguel Delibes archive
  • How to navigate in the Miguel Delibes Archive
  • How to make an easy search entrance in the Miguel Delibes Archive
  • How to make an advanced entry in the Miguel Delibes Archive

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