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Aims, general view and values

Fundación Miguel Delibes / Aims, general view and values


The foundation of Miguel Delibes has taken the baton in the values that Miguel Delibes made his own and he defended making them identity signs of the institution:

  • Humanism
  • Freedom
  • Social Justice
  • Solidarity
  • Responsible Journalism
  • Nature preservation
  • Environmentally friendly Hunting and Fishing
  • Rural environment defence…


The Foundation Miguel Delibes has assumed as its own the previously mentioned values and so it also has the following aims and values (also registered in the statutes):

  • Compilling and guarding the cultural legacy of Miguel Delibes´ work: handscrips of his work, writer´s bibliography, filmography, personal collections, etc.
  • Studying and spreading the name and work of Miguel Delibes in all his aspects and by any means (congresses, conferences, books, articles, documentaries, etc.)
  • Supporting studies and research about the themes and topics that have been permanent in the work of Miguel Delibes.


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